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The Power of Data Analytics Services in a Global Pandemic and Beyond

# Business Analytics


The impact of COVID-19 and the global pandemic has changed the way we do most things

in life. How we operate our business, how we analyze our customers, and how we use data

to optimize and secure our future has jumped from a luxury investment to a necessity of a

company’s survival, all within a short couple of months. However, even amongst all the uncertainty that we are experiencing, even amid a global pandemic, there is one thing we can all rely on. "Data"

Data gathers the information we need to move with the times, to gain insight into our

business’ analytics, to enable us to make the quick and wise decisions needed to survive

any potentially disastrous situation, any ‘unpredicted’ change in the market. While setting up a data analytics team is costly and infeasible for most small to medium-sized businesses, the value of owning the insights to your business’ success is something that can no longer be overlooked or ignored. The information gathered through the data of your clients could mean make or break, sink or swim when it comes to deeply understanding business analytics.

That is why outsourcing this section of your business to Totesoft is the best option to get

ahead, and to save you time, money, and stress.

Data analytics plays a huge part in sustaining healthy business in the current climate, to

accelerate business growth, and to predict what steps can and should be taken next. It shifts

a business from being reactive to proactive, progressive rather than regressive - essentially

getting one step ahead of the competition, through invaluable insights into how consumers

and clients are operating currently.

Data predictive analysis assistance, provided by Totesoft, helps to relearn and understand

the new structure of doing business in each respective sector at this time. By gathering the

essential information needed to move with the times, driving for better productivity, creating

and tailoring better services, improving and understanding the effectiveness of current


With the help of data predictive analysis, businesses no longer have to cautiously stand still

waiting for the next shock on the market - instead, businesses can accelerate their plans,

safe in the knowledge that they have done their research and understand their consumers

behavior every second of every day, all the while aligning it with their strategies to increase

revenue and maintain a strong business. At the very core of it, data-based business analytics defines reachable goals and helps to formulate strategic and specific plans.

By dealing with historic data, even gathered within the last number of months, businesses

can predict future opportunities, help understand the strengths and weaknesses of a

business, as it is right now, and define a plan that works with the learned curve and trend.

This enables us to make informed plans. Most decisions that are made in correspondence

with factual data boost businesses in the right direction. Even in the current climate, when it

previously seemed uncertain and unsafe to move forward at all.

The deep insights gained by data analytics help businesses understand and engage with

potential audiences and consumers. Knowing their needs, wants and desires, the soft spots

and their insightful demographic takes away any unpredictable guesswork that could see a

plan fail and flop, proving costly with both time and money. Instead, that time that can and

should be used to jump ahead of the curve. People are predictable, their habits can help us

learn what our responsibilities are as a business. When businesses have access to business analytics that allow them to segment and personalize their marketing, they have a larger opportunity of retaining audiences and maintaining or even increasing sales. Investing in data analytics and predictive analysis services holds a wealth of opportunity to accelerate business right now. In an uncertain, unsteady climate, data is the power every business needs to steady its plans, surge sales and secure a future. That is why Totesoft’s services are tailored to small and medium-sized business owners who have never thought data analytics could be an affordable and manageable part of their business operations - a superpower that was only for the bigger fish in the market. Not anymore.

Find out more by contacting Totesoft today. We are ready to create a custom data analytics

plan, tailored to work specifically for your business, your future, your success.

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