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Totesoft is proud to offer innovative solutions that improve the way businesses operate. Our projects demonstrate our expertise in sustainable technology, with a focus on products that specialize in data analysis, automation, and business improvement. We help companies become more efficient and sustainable, while also making a positive impact on the environment. Learn more about our projects below.

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Creating Products for a Better Tomorrow

Speech Recongnition

Our special speech recognition and translation model allows for natural intuitive interaction between businesses and their customers. This service offers voice identification and translation in more than 100 languages! Our speech recognition solutions can be adapted to your user’s specific speaking style, enunciation, expression, and vocabulary to offer maximum utility. To help make this process more effective, we can upload training data and samples taken from a pool of potential consumers to fine-tune our speech recognition services. From general-purpose speech recognition to advanced business software, we have you covered!

Speech to Text


Data analysis is crucial in today's business landscape, and IAnalyzer offers an intuitive and powerful visual analysis solution for businesses looking to uncover the story behind their data. Trust our team of experts to carefully and thoroughly analyze your data, turning it into valuable insights that are easily accessible and interpreted. With our visual analyzer tool, you can finally make informed and knowledgeable decisions that help you grow your business.  By providing a user-friendly interface, to identify actionable insight  IAnalyzer can help you improve your business's functionality and expand your range of services, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

This service includes the conversion of audio streams into text which can help with tasks such as basic note-taking to allowing consumers to interact with your business platform easily and everything in between! Our advanced machine learning digital transcription services continuously learn and improve their ability to convert speech to text. Any errors that have been flagged by users are unlikely to pop up again as the algorithm grows and learns to avoid making the same mistakes. This speech to text API service us more than most business situations will require, but Totesoft believes in going the extra mile.

Text to Speech

Our natural-sounding text to speech conversion services can help your business communicate with customers using your business application or software. This service also lets you personalize the speech settings by choosing an appropriate level of friendliness, tone, pitch, and accent that consumers will understand easily. Our algorithms can model the speech such that it sounds incredibly human-like and professional. Whether you want to boost the number of calls your business can handle or analyze voice communication solutions, our text to speech services has got you covered!

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