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Managing revenues in facilities while switching to Value-Based Care? (Role of AI)

Value-based innovations, using AI-based training and empathy care to educate and monitor patients could in turn save time and reduce costs. With Christensen's Disruptive Strategy, the facility is without doubt disrupting itself by merging various operating models, including inpatient care, outpatient care, and Medicare patients. Providing care with disruptive innovation, while helping the management, also helps the patient with more accuracy in reduced time.

Managing Disruptive Innovation—Embracing disruption will be benefit to the an organization based and will definitely have a pay off. According to Christensen’s notes in his disruptive strategy, an organization cannot disrupt itself. It is advised operate disruptive innovation in a separate unit from the mainstream. But it needs to keep the communication which in turn will help to improve the existing process in the core model.

Segmentation of patient needs and management of common patterns for clustered patient segments with independent operating models, but with integrated care patterns. Modularity in the treatment of each patient segment can increase efficiency and reduce costs without compromising care quality.

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